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When Do You Need a Dedicated Florida Brain Injury Lawyer?

Brain injuries are unique and devastating conditions. Unlike injuries that happen to other parts of the body, brain injuries are often unseen until they cause life-altering harm. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) also has the potential to change a victim’s personality, a side-effect that does not come from damage to any other vital organ, no matter how serious the injury.

The brain injury lawyers at Osborne & Francis take these matters into consideration when building cases for our clients. By understanding the costs associated with the long-term recovery and lifestyle changes involved in brain injuries, we help people access all the financial resources available through the law.

If you need to secure representation from a brain injury attorney, contact Osborne & Francis today by calling (561) 293-2600. For more information on brain injury after-effects and the law, read on.

Video Transcript

So you've been in a car accident. What happens next? There are many things that you should do but here are the three most important:

Number One: See a doctor immediately. 

A broken bone is easy to see, but some injuries are not. The most common injuries from car accidents happen in the neck, back, or head. The only way to diagnose and treat them is by seeing a doctor. A doctor can help ease the pain, provide medication, reassure you of how your injury may impact your daily life, and tell you what not to do to make it worse.

A visit to the doctor can also give you legally protected time off to recover and rest your body after an accident, and it documents and provides the evidence you may need for your case. Even a five-mile-per-hour car accident can cause a serious injury. So whether you've had a severe accident or a minor collision, see a doctor. And if you don't have medical insurance, let us know and we'll make sure that you receive the proper care. 

Number Two: Write everything down.

Even if it seems small, during times of stress or injury it is common to forget the little details. Make sure you keep note of the pain that you're in. With neck, back, and head injuries, sometimes simple activities such as walking up the stairs or picking up a toddler may cause severe pain. 

You may not be sleeping well at night. Documenting how much you sleep and how often you wake up due to pain is also very important. And lastly, if you have any cuts or bruises, take daily photos as you heal. This will provide visual evidence of the injuries that you've suffered. 

Number Three: Do not speak to an insurance company until you've spoken to a lawyer.

Please understand that the insurance adjuster works for a billion-dollar corporation and not for you. Their interests are solely for their insurance company, and their goal is to provide you with the least amount of financial settlement as quickly as possible. When you do speak with them, remember they will record the conversation. Why do they do this? Because they've been trained to ask questions that may confuse you. So talk to us before you talk to them. 

So remember: See a doctor, document everything, and call us before calling the insurance company for your free private consultation. We are here for you. Real tough lawyers fighting real tough issues.

What Could a Brain Injury Settlement Mean for You?

Brain injuries can lead to significant long-term expenses and costs associated with ongoing treatment. A successful pre-trial settlement or verdict from a judge could help cover:

  • Medical bills for initial and ongoing healthcare needs
  • Lost wages and job-related benefits like retirement contributions, health insurance, or expected raises/bonuses
  • Pain and suffering, meaning the non-economic damages you’ve suffered physically and mentally
  • “Punitive” damages which are “punishment” fees that may be charged to the negligent party in your case, and then awarded to you
  • Wrongful death expenses for funeral costs, lost income, and lost companionship in cases of fatal brain injury

Your choice to pursue legal action today could lead to a vastly improved quality of life for you and for your family. Contact Osborne & Francis to discuss your options, and secure skilled representation right away.

In building your case, a Florida brain injury attorney must not only document your injuries, losses, and ongoing needs for the court, but also show the direct cause of your injury. The origin of the accident or incident that caused your injury will dictate who is financially responsible for the consequences.

What is the difference between a brain injury and a traumatic brain injury?
“Brain injury” is a general category that includes damage to the brain from various factors, including impacts, a lack of oxygen, pressure from a tumor, or exposure to toxins. “Traumatic brain injuries” are a specific type of brain injury that result from outside forces to the brain or skull, such as from a slip and fall or a vehicular accident. 
Regardless of the cause, all brain injuries can be serious and require immediate medical attention. Contact a lawyer at Osborne & Francis to learn about financial assistance for a brain injury claim.

Why Do You Need a Florida Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

If you or a loved one have experienced a brain injury, you may not be in the best position to be worrying about court documents, forms, and other legal issues. A Florida traumatic brain injury attorney can perform legal services and tasks so you can focus solely on recovering and getting better. 

A TBI lawyer can help by: 

  • Gathering important evidence for your case, including photos, videos, and medical records
  • Researching the brain injury laws that may apply to your case
  • Interviewing key witnesses and expert medical professionals
  • Reviewing the exact details of what led to your injury
  • Formulating a strong legal strategy for trial
  • Maximizing your settlement or damages award 

Remember that it’s our job as attorneys, not yours, to prepare a case for trial. If you’ve been injured, seek medical attention immediately. With brain injuries, symptoms may not appear right away after an accident, so it’s important that you visit a doctor who can help diagnose whether you have a brain injury or not. 

Contact Osborne & Francis for legal advice and guidance for your case at (561) 293-2600. We can set up a free, no-obligation consultation to determine your legal rights and next steps.

What Causes Brain Injury Accidents?

Though the brain is well-protected by the skull, modern inventions can cause trauma that our bodies are not prepared to withstand. 

Some of the leading causes of traumatic brain injury include:

  • Auto accidents: Brain injuries are horribly common in car, tractor trailer, and motorcycle crashes due to the high speeds and hard objects involved.
  • Workplace injuries: Factory, construction, and offshore jobs are places where helmets are mandatory because head, neck, and brain trauma are at such high risk.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Whether on icy steps or in a slippery grocery aisle, the speed at which one’s head hits the ground during a slip-and-fall injury can cause serious harm.
  • Sports collisions: Football clashes, baseball hits, and hockey falls are just a few examples of how an otherwise healthy sport could cause a devastating injury.
  • Overexertion: Stress causes real damage to the body, and in some instances the panic response caused by a crash or the physical exertion of one’s work can cause a stroke, heart attack, or blood clot that could permanently injure the brain.

If you have been in any of these types of accidents, seek medical treatment immediately. Even accidents where the head is not directly contacted can result in brain injury (such as a whiplash concussion, where the brain is jolted inside the skull). If anything feels off or unusual after a crash or fall, don’t assume it’s nothing — brain injury symptoms may not manifest right away. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can worsen a person’s outcome.

Any injury to the head should be treated right away, no matter how severe you may initially perceive it to be. It is also important to note that you or a loved one may suffer a TBI even if the event or accident which caused it didn’t appear to be very serious, or you didn’t lose consciousness. Contact Osborne & Francis at (561) 293-2600 for a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

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What Are the Long-Term Needs for Brain Injury Care?

The human brain is both strong and delicate. In some instances, the brain can heal and adapt in ways that doctors can only study and admire. However, because the brain often remains a medical mystery, certain forms of damage can be impossible to cure. Long-term treatment needs for brain injury recovery may include:

  • Physical therapy to regain independence for acts like standing, walking, and going to the bathroom independently
  • Occupational therapy for skills like cooking, driving, socializing, and essentially regaining the lifestyle you enjoyed before your injury
  • Psychiatric and psychological care to help process this traumatic experience and maintain cognitive functions
  • Speech and language therapy to retrain communication abilities
  • Social support for the injured individual and their family or friend group

Brain injuries often require management for the rest of a person’s life. The quality of that life depends greatly on the care and recovery support received. Financial resources are needed to guarantee care and dignity, and are discussed in the following section.

Your choice to pursue legal action today could lead to a vastly improved quality of life for you and your family.

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Can a person fully recover from a traumatic brain injury?

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How Can You Contact the Florida Brain Injury Attorneys at Osborne & Francis?

Brain injuries impact more than the patient—they also have an effect on that person’s family, friends, and colleagues. The process of healing is often slow, and requires long-term nurturing care. A brain injury lawsuit can help fund these needs for you and your loved ones.

An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer from Osborne & Francis has the skills and knowledge to document all of your needs and losses for the court. We also diligently pursue every cause and contributing factor of your injury in an effort to maximize all available financial resources. The more monetary support you have, the better your future prospects will be.

Contact Osborne & Francis today by calling (561) 293-2600 or by filling out our online contact form. The sooner you empower us to pursue your case, the sooner we can seek the settlement you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person fully recover from a traumatic brain injury?

Those with a mild TBI can sometimes recover in as few as three months, but the most important aspect of recovery is consistency. Any interruption to medical care can lengthen the recovery process and cause more challenges.

Severe TBIs require more care, and the longer the timeline, the more vulnerable a patient is to relapse and permanent disability. Securing the financial resources to afford ongoing care is one of the most important outcomes of a brain injury lawsuit settlement.

Is a TBI considered a disability?

Extensive treatment and excellent recovery progress may not be enough to eliminate all of the symptoms associated with a traumatic brain injury. 

If your injury is persistent you may be unable to work or to function without aid. In such cases, you may be considered eligible for long-term disability insurance on top of your brain injury legal case.

How much compensation is given for brain injuries?

There is no one-size-fits-all amount of compensation for brain injury cases. Each person’s circumstances are fully considered, including the source of the accident and the severity of the injury.

Your brain injury lawyer from Osborne & Francis will present the strongest possible case in an effort to secure the best possible outcome for your future.

How long does a brain injury claim take?

Once again, there is no hard limit on how long an individual case will take to settle, but there are some points to consider:

A pre-trial settlement may be available faster, but if the offer is not enough to cover your needs, a trial may be the best option. Your brain injury attorney will explain your options when deciding whether or not to go to trial.

Also, take note of filing deadlines - if your case isn’t filed before the timeline expires, you may miss out on all compensation.

It’s important to begin your case as soon as possible. Contact Osborne & Francis at (561) 293-2600 right away so you don’t miss your opportunity for justice.