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$1,500,000 – Negligent Security and Wrongful Death Settlement

Our client’s daughter, a single mother, was kidnapped and murdered by a predator who had previously been reported to property management. The apartment complex was plagued by a high rate of violent crime for several years prior to the incident. Despite property management’s knowledge of the predator living at the apartment complex, property management did not take sufficient measures to ensure he did not return. During the lawsuit, depositions revealed that property management failed to enforce basic safety rules, adequately assess crime and respond to the safety risks at this property.

$1,000,000 – Wrongful Death Settlement

Our 27-year-old client was tragically shot and killed while she was in her rented trailer park home. Our investigation revealed that the trailer park had a significant violent crime problem, which the owner failed to properly address. Crime records showed that there were hundreds of calls to 911 and the police every year, during the three-year period before the shooting. Despite the serious crime problem, the owner of the trailer park failed to have manned security on the date of the shooting, which may have prevented this attack.

$1,000,000 – Slip and Fall Settlement

Our client suffered a slip and fall due to water on the floor at a downtown Orlando nightclub. Prior to the lawsuit, the nightclub offered $7,000. In response, we filed suit and began to prepare the case for trial. Video of the incident revealed that an employee cleaned up the water and that there was no warning sign in the area.

Our client underwent three surgical procedures and had a future recommendation at the time we settled the case shortly after mediation.

$525,000 – Workplace Injury Settlement

Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury at a warehouse of a popular grocery store as a result of a large cart that was used to stock merchandise. The top shelf of the cart became unsecured and it struck our client on the head causing vision, memory, and vestibular issues. Through our investigation, we found that the subject cart was unsafe and was the subject of claims and lawsuits throughout the country. The defendant was made aware that the cart was dangerous and defectively designed but did not do enough to provide safer equipment prior to the incident. The case settled prior to a hearing on our motion to compel evidence regarding prior incidents involving the cart at all stores the defendant was using the cart.

$375,000 Trip and Fall Settlement

My client suffered a trip and fall due to torn carpet on her apartment’s stairway, which caused an acute tear of her rotator cuff requiring surgery. She was forced to use the dilapidated stairway because the elevator was out of order. Our investigation revealed pervasive maintenance issues at the property which caused the incident. 

$300,000 Car Crash Settlement

My client was in a rear end collision and her SUV appeared to have sustained "no damage." The other vehicle sustained significant property damage and it was deemed a total loss. My client underwent pain management and minimally invasive surgical procedures for her neck and back.

$320,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

My client suffered a slip and fall while on the job resulting in a tear of her meniscus and knee surgery. We pursued recovery from the landlord and maintenance company after she resolved her Workers Compensation claim.

$200,000 – Auto Accident Settlement

Rear-end motor vehicle accident against the at-fault driver and the Plaintiff’s UM carrier. Plaintiff underwent a lumbar microdiscectomy. The UM carrier argued the Plaintiff could not have suffered the injury which required surgery. Policy limits were ultimately tendered by the UM carrier.

$150,000 – Dog Bite Settlement

Dog bite. Our client was viciously attacked by a 100 pound dog while walking her dog outside of a dog park, which was located on her apartment complex’s property. The owner of the dog was walking him on a leash, but the owner failed to keep his 100-pound dog away from our client. The dog sank his teeth into our client’s leg, causing permanent damage. We filed a lawsuit against the dog owner and the owner of the apartment complex. The dog owner’s renter’s insurance agreed to pay us their policy limits of $50,000 to settle the claim against him. The lawsuit continued against the apartment complex. The apartment complex initially denied any responsibility for the incident. They denied any knowledge that the 100-pound dog was dangerous and denied that the dog had attacked anyone else. During the depositions of the property manager and maintenance staff, the employees admitted that the dog had bitten the head of maintenance about 1 year before our client was attacked. The apartment complex took no action to remove the dangerous dog after the dog bit the head of maintenance. Sadly, the dog attack that caused our client’s injuries was preventable had they removed the dangerous dog from the property. Shortly before the case was set to go to trial, the apartment complex agreed to pay our client $100,000.