Chemical Hair Straightener Cancer: 7 Ways a Lawsuit Can Help You in 2023

By Osborne & Francis
October 25, 2023
A recent study has linked chemical hair straighteners with double the risk of uterine cancer in women. For those affected, a lawsuit may be needed to obtain financial compensation for losses caused by the products. 

If you or a loved one used chemical hair straightening products and developed uterine cancer afterward, you may be considering pursuing legal action. You may have questions like: 

  • Should I file a lawsuit? 
  • How can a lawyer help me?
  • What good will a lawsuit do for me and my loved ones?

This article is intended to address these questions and show why it would be to your advantage to file a chemical hair straightening lawsuit. Those injured by negligent manufacturing companies should obtain the compensation they deserve, and such companies need to be held liable. 

Women who use chemical hair relaxer products may have a higher risk of developing uterine cancer, according to research from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Financial compensation may be available for those who have been exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in such products.  

Specifically, black women may be highly affected by such products, as they use such products more frequently than other demographic groups. 

As one of the only black-owned law firms in South Florida, these issues are near and dear to our hearts. We dedicate our careers to exactly these types of situations: protecting the legal rights of everyday citizens against large organizations and institutions. 

Contact us at (561) 293-2600 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options. Read on to learn more about what a lawsuit can do for your situation.   

1. A Lawsuit Provides Damages Awards for Injured Consumers

The most immediate benefit of filing a lawsuit is obtaining a damages award or settlement to compensate the injured party for the losses and expenses they have experienced. 

Damages from a chemical hair relaxer lawsuit can cover:  

  • Costs of cancer treatment and medications
  • Bills from staying at a hospital
  • Travel expenses to and from treatment sessions
  • Lost wages from not working during recovery
  • Reduced ability to earn income in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of intimacy or companionship
  • In some cases, expenses connected with wrongful deaths

A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute links the use of chemical hair straightener or relaxer products with double the risk of uterine cancer in women. Those who have been affected need to be compensated for the losses they have endured.  

The law exists to provide injured parties with the relief they need to get their lives back on track after incurring a medical condition from a defective product. At Osborne & Francis, we have dedicated our careers to ensuring our clients receive the full measure they are entitled to under the law. 

2. Access Treatments Not Normally Covered by Insurance

In some injury cases, losses to the injured party may be covered by insurance. However, insurance claims often don’t cover the full range of financial expenses and hardships that an injury may cause. Treatment based on insurance policies may be extremely limited.

In the case of cancer caused by chemical hair straighteners, a court verdict or settlement could provide help not covered by insurance, such as:

  • Access to new, leading-edge medical treatments
  • Alternative therapy methods such as massage or nutritional support
  • Ongoing costs associated with rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Access to the latest medical equipment 

These types of specialized treatments and medical equipment are important to the health and recovery of cancer patients. These are similar to the treatments needed for dangerous drug and talcum powder injuries, and our law firm has extensive experience obtaining favorable results in such cases.

3. Obtain a Sense of Closure and Justice for the Injured

While no amount of damages can fully undo an injury, a lawsuit can often provide a strong sense of closure for the injured person and their family. With cancer caused by chemical hair straighteners, the affected person may have been struggling for years physically and financially. 

Their lives may be changed forever, and these types of ongoing burdens can be difficult to shoulder. Legal action can help put an end to the suffering and lift the weight off the person and their family. 

We have the experience and resources to go up against manufacturers and hold them responsible for creating dangerous products. Due to our firm size and selectivity in taking on cases, we are also able to deliver a closer, more personal experience for our clients. 

4. Hold Companies Responsible for the Products They Distribute

A lawsuit can help to clearly identify which companies or parties are responsible for the products that are causing uterine cancer in users of chemical hair relaxer products. For instance, chemical hair straightener manufacturers already being sued include: 

  • L’Oreal
  • SoftSheen Carson
  • Strength of Nature
  • Dabur
  • Namaste Laboratories
  • Revlon
  • Optimum Care
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Just for Me
  • Motions

Legal action places a spotlight on negligent companies, and forces them to come to terms with their violations in the light of the public eye. This further incentivizes them to remedy defective products. Join with the many others who are taking action to hold large corporations to account for their conduct. 

5. Enforce Better Warning and Labeling Requirements

One issue with many of the chemical hair straightening products affecting people are that they lack any clear warning signs or labels regarding cancer dangers. Legal action will help to compel companies to ensure consumers are sufficiently warned and informed about the risks inherent in their products

As more data, statistics, and information is gathered through legal claims, consumers are better protected and kept up-to-date regarding the products they use. Our legal team can also keep you abreast of any changes to the law that might affect your legal rights. 

6. Raise Awareness of the Dangers of Chemical Hair Straighteners

A lawsuit against chemical hair straightener companies can raise awareness of these health hazards. In many instances, once legal action is taken against a company, the general public becomes more aware of the issues through news updates, social media posts, and other outlets. 

In fact, many advocacy and support groups have been started in the wake of milestone legal cases surrounding a particular issue. For instance, public awareness of toxic exposure on military bases drastically increased after legal action was brought in connection with the Camp Lejeune base. 

Similarly, by taking legal action, you may be helping to contribute to overall awareness of how chemical hair straighteners can cause uterine cancer. This can shed more light on the issue not just among consumers, but also in the medical community.

7. Safer Products for All

Pursuing a lawsuit can result in safer hair products for all consumers. Legislation regarding product safety can often be slow to take effect; however, a lawsuit can often bring about immediate change by forcing manufacturers to ensure their products are safe. 

As a result of a lawsuit, product manufacturers are often required to use safer ingredients, improve quality checks, and update information labels on their products. So, besides monetary compensation through a damages award, a lawsuit can create sweeping changes in the safety standards for entire industries such as the chemical hair straightening industry. 

In summary, a lawsuit can provide long-term relief for the injured person and their family. Beyond that, the benefits of a lawsuit can extend into our communities and protect against needless health risks. Legal action also has the ability to affect entire industries and enforce better regulations and standards for products. 

Hire a Law Firm with Experience Challenging Large Companies

Chemical hair straightener uterine cancer lawsuits can bring about important results and changes, not just for those affected, but for the entire community of people using such products. By filing a lawsuit, you may be helping to prevent future medical cases from happening to others. 

As attorneys, we focus on protecting the legal rights of our clients and families against large corporations that place profits over the safety of consumers. We have the experience and resources to go up against manufacturers and hold them responsible for creating dangerous products. Due to our firm size and selectivity in taking on cases, we are also able to deliver a closer, more personal experience for our clients. 

If you or a loved one used a chemical hair straightener product and were diagnosed with uterine cancer afterward, you may be entitled to significant remedies. Contact us online or at (561) 293-2600 to discuss your claim for free in a private, no-obligation setting. We are here to ensure your legal needs are met and fulfilled.

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