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Driving A Truck A Dangerous Job Says Boca Truck Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

Driving a Truck a Dangerous Job Says Boca Truck Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

What makes truck driving dangerous creates dangers for all of us on the roads says Boca truck accident lawyer Joe Osborne.

Driving a commercial truck has recently ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs you could have. The problem for the rest of is what makes that job dangerous makes it dangerous for us too. If a driver suffers an injury or fatality on the job it can impact everyone else driving near him or her says Boca truck accident lawyer Joe Osborne.

Driving a truck is listed by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics as one of the most dangerous civilian jobs reports CBS News. That job is listed as the seventh deadliest job, with 24.3 deaths per 100,000 drivers. The most dangerous job is logging at 132.7 deaths per 100,000 workers.

Driving a commercial truck is dangerous for many reasons,

  • Truck drivers operate day and night, seven days a week, in all weather and road conditions. The need to make deliveries makes many truckers take to the road when most of us would stay home.
  • Road conditions may be bad because of poor maintenance, poorly signed construction zones and high traffic volumes. As more vehicles pack a roadway, the more likely someone will make a mistake, cause an accident and someone will get hurt. If it’s the truck driver making the mistake, given the size of the truck there’s a good chance another driver or vehicle occupant will be hurt in an accident.
  • The desire to reach a destination may cause the driver to speed or remain driving instead of complying with federal regulations and taking a break. Excess speed cuts down on the time a truck driver can react to conditions and it amplifies driver mistakes. A speeding truck may not be able to avoid an obstacle like a vehicle slowing down due to heavy traffic. Fatigue often leads to distractions and a driver can doze off behind the wheel and control of the vehicle can greatly be diminished or lost completely.
  • Because of the lack of proper parking for commercial trucks, drivers may not be able to find safe, legal parking, forcing them to drive when they should be pulled over and taking a break or getting some sleep.
  • Drivers may suffer injuries on the job which could be a distraction from driving. Sitting for long stretches or working to load or unload trucks can cause a number of injuries, including back problems.
  • Trucks and trailers may be poorly maintained and as a result difficult to control. Mechanical failures can result in a serious accident, especially at highway speeds.
  • Trailers that aren’t properly loaded or loaded beyond their capacity can result in poor braking, difficult handling and possible jackknifing.

All these situations and conditions can increase the chances of a truck accident leading to a driver being injured or killed. Since commercial trucks don’t operate is isolation but are often surrounded by other motorists, sometimes at high speeds, when a truck accident happens potentially several other vehicles could be involved as well, injuring or killing others.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury caused in a commercial truck accident, contact Boca truck accident lawyer Joe Osborne at (561) 293-2600 or fill out this online contact form. You can discuss your case, how the law may apply and your best legal options to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.

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