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Defective Hip Replacement Attorney In Boca Raton Discusses The Implant Disaster

Defective Hip Replacement Attorney in Boca Raton Discusses the Implant Disaster

Patients should be aware of possible risks and lifelong disabilities from failed hip implants says Joe Osborne defective hip replacement attorney in Boca Raton.

People have artificial hips implanted because the ones they were born with have deteriorated to the point the pain and lack of mobility is just too much. Joe Osborne, a defective hip replacement attorney in Boca Raton states “Unfortunately for many people who tried to solve the problem with a metal on metal artificial hip, one set of problems have been replaced by a new set of problems. These failed, defective hip replacements are arguably the worst disaster in orthopedic history. A conservative estimate is that 10% of all replacement hip implants will fail at some point,” adds South Florida attorney Joe Osborne.

There are a number of injuries that can occur due to defects in artificial hips. They’re associated with the consequences of the corrosion of the implants and metallosis (metal poisoning, caused by metal leaching out of the metal joints which rub together) of the hip joint.

The corrosion and metal products are toxic to the hip joint. They cause destruction of tissue, muscle and bone, which requires additional surgery that would never have been needed but for the harm caused by the hip implant.

Even after the defective hip implant is removed and replaced the damage done can limit one’s physical abilities and cause pain indefinitely.

The dead tissue surrounding the hip; dead bone and dead muscle leave the joint either unstable or damaged forever as a result of the defective hip implant.

Over time complications from the removal surgery can appear, including the need for additional surgeries and potential infections, all resulting from the damage caused by the failed hip implant.

One example of the dangerous domino effect caused by defective replacement hip implants is illustrated by one client who we represent.

He worked in the construction industry and owned a very successful construction business. The client worked on roofs, laid tile and helped build houses.

Because of the implant and the physical nature of his work the damage to his hip joint was severe.

Even after the failed hip implant was removed, the destruction was so advanced that he has needed multiple surgeries to try and deal with the amount of tissue and bone that was destroyed by the toxic particles and the metallosis.

The client’s hip will never be the same. He walks with a cane. He lost his construction business and his life has been permanently scarred simply because he received an implant that is one of the biggest catastrophes in the history of orthopedic implants.

People more susceptible to these types of problems, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, include females and those with,

  • Hip replacements on right and left hips,
  • Resurfacing systems with small femoral heads (less than or equal to 44 mm),
  • High doses of corticosteroids,
  • Kidney problems,
  • Suppressed immune systems,
  • Hip components not in ideal positions,
  • Suspected metal sensitivity (including cobalt, chromium and nickel)
  • Problems with obesity, and High levels of physical activity.

If you suspect that you are having problems with your replacement hip implant then a defective hip replacement attorney in Boca Raton at Osborne & Associates can review your model and manufacturer, and can discuss your legal rights to compensation for the pain, suffering, physical limitations, additional medical treatments and impact on your life, relationships and ability to work. We can discuss how the law may apply and the best ways to protect your legal rights and interests. Call (561) 800-4020.

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