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Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer Says Vacation Driving In Florida Can Be Tragic

Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer Says Vacation Driving in Florida Can be Tragic

Foreigners are protected by our justice system when visiting the US if they’re hurt by someone’s negligence, reports Boca Raton car accident lawyer Joe Osborne.

Millions of foreign citizens visit South Florida each year,  reports Boca Raton car accident lawyer Joe Osborne. The beaches, restaurants and nightlife make our communities a desired destination. Unfortunately, our congested roadways can be dangerous especially for those unfamiliar with traffic patterns or the timing of rush hour. Foreign citizens injured in car accidents are protected by the laws of our state both civilly and criminally. It is important for our visitors to understand their rights if they need a lawyer for a car accident with injuries, especially those that are significant.

As an example, Robert and Adrienne Hammond were born and raised in Ireland. Upon Mr. Hammond’s retirement they traveled to South Florida for a long anticipated visit. They rented a car and planned to sightsee. However, while driving in Miami-Dade County, the Hammonds encountered a truck driver delivering tile who was late and in a hurry. An illegal attempt to pass by the truck driver resulted in a collision with the Hammonds’ vehicle. The collision was direct and came without warning. Mr. Hammond was killed and Mrs. Hammond suffered a brain injury resulting in months of hospitalization and rehabilitation at Jackson Memorial Hospital. She ultimately returned to Ireland alone, a tragic outcome says car accident lawyer Osborne.

A lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade County on behalf of Mrs. Hammond and her husband’s estate against the driver and the trucking company for the horrific injuries they sustained. A confidential settlement was reached. Mrs. Hammond was compensated for the loss of her husband. Further, she could pay her medical bills and afford some of the day to day care she needs in Ireland for the rest of her life.

The Civil Justice System protects American citizens and foreigners if injured because of someone’s negligence. Under the law, all individuals have a duty to exercise reasonable care for the protection of others. Due to language barriers or a general unfamiliarity with civil remedies, many foreign citizens may not understand or realize their rights if they are hurt while visiting our shores. It is conceivable a visitors’ home country would not provide an avenue for recovery if injuries were sustained in a similar accident but the Unites States does. Therefore, if a foreign citizen is injured while visiting, he or she should seek help from the best car accident lawyer they can find to determine the appropriate course of action.

If you or a friend or relative have been injured in a car accident while traveling in South Florida, contact a Boca Raton car accident lawyer at Osborne and Associates to discuss your legal rights to compensation for the pain, suffering, physical limitations, additional medical treatments and impact on your life, relationships and ability to work. We can discuss how the law may apply and the best ways to protect your legal rights and interests. Call (561) 800-4020.

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