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According to The National Limb Loss Information Center and John Hopkins University, there are approximately 2 Million Americans that have suffered an amputation. Vascular diseases (such as diabetes), Kidney disease, Infections and Trauma (from car, motorcycle, construction and workplace accidents) contribute to the anticipated 185,000 new amputations that occur every year in the United States.  

If you or someone you know has suffered an amputation, you likely understand the life-altering changes and the emotional toll incurred, as well as the impact on day-to-day activities and even career choices for all family members. The cost for a single prosthesis may range from just under $10,000 to over $80,000, depending on the device and its technology. Initial Prosthesis may only be temporary and require changing or upgrading after a few months of use.     

The Osborne & Francis Amputation Foundation provides financial assistance to survivors of severe injuries often associated with the treatment of medical conditions, industrial and construction accidents, motorcycle and traffic collisions, as well as defective products. The foundation also considers those who may have suffered a birth injury or defect, depending on the circumstances. 

The foundation offers awards to individuals annually up to $10,000.00, per person.

To enter, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit a webform below.
  2. You must show a doctor/medical reason for a prosthetic device.
  3. At this time, Florida residents are first come, first served. Residents outside of Florida may be considered if the foundation is overfunded for the current fiscal year. 
  4. Applications are reviewed and answered within 30 days. 

Find Out If You Are Eligible Today

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Medical professional helping man with prosthetic leg


Our aim is to help people who have been injured due to the fault of another individual or organization. In certain cases, there are reasons that an individual cannot recover for their injuries. Instances include under-insurance or a lack of insurance, the dissolution of a business entity, or if the statute of limitations has expired. The foundation is here to help those in need even if they may not be able to bring a civil lawsuit on their behalf. 

The amounts contributed vary based on the number of applicants each year, and the circumstances of how the amputation occurred.

Yes. Private donations are welcomed and tax-deductible. Every dollar of the donation will go towards an amputee.

Yes. While the foundation has been established to improve the quality of life for survivors who have lost an extremity, other care may be required. This can include counseling for emotional distress or retrofit of a car or home to facilitate independent living. 

An individual may apply one time per calendar year beginning on January 1st.

Osborne & Francis is a Florida-based law firm representing individuals throughout the United States in defective drug and medical device litigation, civil rights violations, wrongful death, and other serious injuries. Our award-winning trial team is known for recovering more than $2 billion dollars on behalf of our clients.

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